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Short Narrative Scripts


Comedy, Western

A morally ambiguous cowboy, has to settle some business in a town that holds a heavy burden for him—and just happens to be the kitschiest stop south of the Rio Grande.


Bride of the Living Date Thumb.png

Comedy, Romance, Horror

In this sequel to Night of the Living Date, Maria and Sheldon are finally getting married! That is…until Sheldon's vampire ex arrives at the ceremony, demanding him back!


16x9 Graphic.png

Comedy, Romance, Horror

When Maria needs a date for a dinner party, she takes advantage of an epidemic and brings a zombie!

See the finished film.

© 2020

Antique Baby Stroller

Comedy, Romance, Horror

In the final chapter of Night of the Living Date, Sheldon and Maria face their final test, as they battle a pregnancy and the growing prejudice against zombies.


Sneaky Caveman.png


It's a normal day in the life of the first man—until he meets the first woman.

See the finished film.

© 2021

Drawn to Campus Thumb.png

Comedy, Animation

A mockumentary about Ollie J. Thomas—the university's first animated student.

See the finished film.

© 2019

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