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Zoetrope Custom Blu-Ray Covers

About Zoetrope

It all started when I bought Disney's 2019 Signature Collection release of Cinderella and was wildly disappointed with the graphic design on the Blu-Ray's cover—the art was lackluster, and it was cluttered with marketing junk like "Get it on Movies Anywhere!" and "Combo Pack: Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy!" As a fan of The Criterion Collection, I thought it would be ideal if Disney's vault movie releases had pristine editions like Criterion's—with stunning art that perfectly encapsulates the movie and no graphics other than the title and director. Thus, using a template I found online, I began to create Criterion Collection editions (as parts in a made-up series called Criterion + Disney) of all the classic Disney films, including Cinderella, Fantasia, Pinocchio, Bambi, and Peter Pan. It was gloriously fun creating these editions, but eventually, I got to the point where I wanted to create them for more than just Disney films. Plus, I wanted to be more original, rather than just construct around an existing brand. So I created Zoetrope—my own Criterion-esque series of "classic, important, and rare animated features, shorts, and series from around the world"—for which I could create covers for any films (and now series) I desired. Creating these designs is an absolute delight, and the work is truly some of my best, as it reflects my passion for animation.

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