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Personal Commissions

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Need a gift for your special someone, recent graduate, or best friend? Say it with a custom, personalized cartoon drawing! As the pricing guide states, each piece is priced by figure: busts (head + neck + shoulders) are $10 each, and full bodies are $20 each. For color, it's an additional $5 per figure. If I've drawn you before, congrats—that's $5 off! These pricings are PER FIGURE, NOT by drawing. Therefore, a drawing with one full body and one bust in color would cost $40 ($20 + $10 + $5 + $5). If you need prints, the first one (including shipping) is FREE. You will also receive a digital file of the drawing of which you are free to make additional prints.

If you are interested, please reach out via a contact form. I look forward to hearing from (and drawing) YOU!


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